Clipper Lathe Cum Chasing Machine

All  lathes  look alike,  but a CTC roller grooving machine has to be much more  than  an  ordinary lathe. The chasing  operation  requires  a  very sturdy machine  since, at any given time several teeth of a chasing tool are  cutting  into  the  roller   resulting  in  heavy  load  on  the  various components - tool  holder, saddle,  cross slide  etc. A lathe not suitably designed  for  such  heavy loads will lead to vibration and chatter marks on the roller - an ideal recipe for poor cuts!

The  Clipper  is  the  only  sharpening  lathe  that  comes  to  you  with tolerance  as per IS - 1878, Part - 1, (ISO 1708)  something  that  only the best of lathes in the world can boast of.

Fitted  with  optional Digital Read Out(DRO) introduced for the first time in  the  tea  industry  by  T & I,  the lathe  is  guaranteed  to  give you accuracy to 5 microns.



· Low centre height.

· Heavy graded C. I. bed, seasoned, hand scraped and ribbed, with inverted 'V' profile.

· Low spindle matched with Phosphor Bronze adjustable bush bearings.

· Special heavy-duty tool post.

· Sturdy 3 - roller support.

· A special imported nylon sandwich flat transmission belt for 98% power transmission.

These exclusive engineering features ensure chatter - free chasing of rollers




Height of centre

260 mm (10.25 inch)

Distance between centres

1475 mm (4.75 feet)

Length of bed

2655 mm (8.75 feet)

Overall Dimensions


3050 mm (10.16 feet)


1600 mm (5.25 feet)


Gross (approx)

2800 KG.

Net (approx)

2000 KG.


Main drive Motor

2.2 KW / 925 RPM

Coolant Motor

0.10 KW / 2800 RPM



CHECKMATE - A  handy  gadget  specially  developed  by  T&I  enable  you  to  measure   accurately the difference of depth  between  milling and chasing grooves. An important factor for good CTC cuts. The kit includes an adjustable microscopic scale to measure  the shoulder and slope length for maintaining correct shoulder to slope ratio. A must for every roller sharpening workshop and factory.

MOBILE CRANE - A specially  designed crane for  loading, unloading and carrying CTC rollers. Mounted on poly wheels with efficient steering mechanism for ready maneuverability. Built-in wire rope winch.

ROLLER CHECKING JIG - For  checking  the meshing of CTC rollers. Mobile mounted on castor wheels. Jig is suitable for rollers upto 48" width.

TOOL & CUTTER GRINDER - A special  purpose  machine for regrinding of CTC Chasers and Milling Cutters. Complete with 0.5 HP / 3000 RPM Motor and Starter. Mounted on fabricated steel pedestal.