Delectably warm or refreshingly hot, a cup of tea is like conjuring up the simplest, yet greatest joy the world can provide. It is still a mystery how men went on to brew this wonder drink. But perhaps unknowingly it was the beginning of a romance which is not centuries old and yet has not faded one bit.

The story of tea can never be complete without a mention of T & I, the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery that converts the leaves from tea gardens to that clean, black and dried tea that stimulates your palate. T & I Group can pride itself on its solid and stable roots with a colourful history rich in tradition, stretching way back to 1949. The humble origins of the T & I Group can be found in the small engineering workshop set up in Assam, the prime tea growing area in the easternmost arm of India. What began as a family enterprise in a single location has, over the years, become a group of Companies with business spread throughout the country and overseas with its corporate Head Quarters in Kolkata. T & I’s continuous search for innovation has resulted in its becoming a uniquely integrated tea machinery manufacturer covering all aspects of processing from plucking to packing.

More than five decades have passed since T & I began reconditioning British made tea machinery – the beginning on which T & I’s history is founded. Yet the spirit and conviction that “Dedication to technology and creativity is the source of world trends”, lives on in the T & I Group.